Darren Stanbridge




🇬🇧 The United Kingdom

Studio Name

Reality Photography

Let me introduce myself, I’m Darren, I’m a wedding photographer and I love my job! I have four amazing sons and I am also engaged to be married. I’ve been a photographer for many years and have always been a bit of a perfectionist. I have been featured on the BBC, I currently have 5 stars on both facebook and google and I have customer testimonials about my photography that even made me blush. I am very adaptive in styles, and love to hear my customers ideas.

-My Approach

There’s a couple of words to describe my style, reportage and documentary, I don’t feel these encompass my complete style though. I am unobstrusive and dictate as little as possible, I prefer getting photos from unrehearsed situations and feel that emotional content is just as important as camera wizardry. It’s very important to make the couple feel relaxed around me, to build a relationship is key to beautiful wedding photos