Merette Kuijt




🇳🇱 Netherlands



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109th place in Netherlands

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3 weeks

My photos are sensory. You have to feel them, smell them, taste them. The slight roughness of a lace dress, the smell of a warm summer day. When photographing, my attention is focused on the seemingly unimportant detail. My style lies between documentary and lifestyle. In my work I direct as little as possible and only intervene to remove disturbing elements that do not contribute to the story.

I love photographing people. I believe that you can capture the most beautiful moments if you let a person do what they want and don't direct too much. I capture those moments in which you are yourself, in which there is real emotion. A beautiful photo cannot be forced, it comes naturally when someone feels comfortable. As also a family photographer I love weddings with kids.

I graduated from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2021 and have 9+ years experience in the wedding industry.