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Hi I'm Matt.
Nothing makes me more happy than to be photographing someones wedding day. What I find is that every wedding is unique and every couples expectations is so varied which as a photographer keeps you on your toes. It could be the tenth time you have shot at the same venue but I will always try and explore and create new images that not only test my ability but give the client some amazing pictures that are timeless.
I strive to be better and take inspiration from some different world renowned photographers.

Winning photos

First look moments are priceless.. Hannah welcomed her dad in her arms as she prepared for her morning ceremony.

108th Collection

Chad and Rachel enjoyed their dog visiting on their big day to Swancar Farm.

105th Collection

Winter colours were a must to capture for Joesph and Monica following their wedding in Derbyshire.

104th Collection

Joesph and Monica rocking the staircase at a local registry office wedding

104th Collection

Megan being helped into her dress by her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding

103rd Collection

Who doesnt like a crazy bouncy castle, even on their wedding day!!!!

103rd Collection

A little creativity, festoon lighting and a bit of bokey, helped this stunning image for Nathan and Megan at the White Hart in Derbyshire

103rd Collection

Smoke bombs a pletny at this lovely wedding in the woods for Blaine and Laura. Magical!

102nd Collection

First reveals are a must when the wedding parties are this cool!

101st Collection

Ryan and Rosie taking a stroll at Hazel Gap Barn in Nottinghamshire, in the late summer sun

101st Collection

Urban weddings are just so cool. Having an extended gallery of people clapping and wowing you just gives you celebrity status. Orianne and Kristian smashed it with their walk through a busy Derby city centre

98th Collection

Sarah and Dan said they wanted to be covered in confetti at the church.... They got their wish :)

97th Collection

Selina enjoying a moment on the love swing at Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield during her wedding day... A true beaut!!

96th Collection

Ryan and Laura enjoying a cheeky 5 minutes as Man and wife overlooking the rolling hills of Derbyshire, UK

95th Collection

Fun Fun Fun at the wedding and fair for Abigail as she enjoyed her day after an amazing wedding with Taran at Aston Hall in sheffield. This was one of those shots you really pray comes off and it did!

94th Collection

The West Mill in Derby never fails to disappoint, and Sian and Oli were amazing throughout.. Whata. day!!

91st Collection

Bruce and Siana enjoyed the evening sunshine late on their summer wedding day and were treated to this beautiful sunset outside the peak Edge Hotel in Chesterfield. A fitting image for such a beautiful day

89th Collection