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Hi, Iā€™m Mark a full-time Wedding and Portrait photographer based in Cambridgeshire. I know I am one of the lucky ones who is fortunate enough to do a job I love. I am blessed to be able to combine three of my passions with my work, People, Photography, and Weddings (well in fact celebrations of any kind).

My mantra is to always go the extra mile to exceed and delight my couples expectations. My number one priority is to deliver great customer service, the result of my years working in the customer service industry, years of understanding customers needs and delivering a first class service. I am fortunate to have been part of over 200 weddings and still counting.

Winning photos

The amazing large open skies that blanket South Downs in Sussex here in the UK are guaranteed to provide an awesome sunset on a clear day. Simple but always effective.

110th Collection

The iconic bridge at Bassmead Manor Barns Cambridgeshire UK. Should be named the bridge of sighs as this is the emotion that is evoked each time. The perfect venue any time of the year!

108th Collection

Sunset over big Norfolk skies. Ellie & Olly trusted me enough to leave their guests to capture this shot. I love this time of year when we are presented with dramatic skies like this although they often happen at crucial parts of the day.

107th Collection

Timeless elegance. Beautiful and serene. A quiet moment amongst the busy streets of London UK. The perfect day for a truly amazing couple. Simple yet so perfect.

106th Collection

Sunsets abroad seem so magical. Sophie and James wedding in Tuscany provided everything we needed to create this shot. Taking my couples away from their guests is always a fine balance between getting the shot and them spending vital quality time with their friends and family. It certainly paid off.

104th Collection

This shot was taken at The Granary Estates in Newmarket here in the UK. Sasha & Adam trusted me enough to pull them away from their wedding guests and their wedding breakfast to get this shot. The sky was just perfect. I'd visualised this shot earlier in the day and prayed for the right balance of conditions to achieve it. I think we won on the day. Thank you to my couple and to Wedisson for the award. Win Win situation.

103rd Collection

Keeley & Sean got married at the delightful Brinsop Court Hereford. My first time at this venue. It certainly delivers on the the numerous locations to shoot your couple. Perfect setting for a perfect day!

102nd Collection

Sophie & James amazing wedding in this beautiful setting nestled in the mountainous hills in Tuscany. My first ever destination wedding - take me back there. So many awesome shoot locations. WOW! what an amazing experience. Al fresco dining, partying under the stars. The perfect balance for a perfect couple I was truly spoilt and honoured to be part of it!

Venue Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte - Tuscany

101st Collection

Kassia & Perry's magnificent wedding at Swynford Manor. Newmarket. Having the trust of my couples to get them out to do shots like this is priceless. Having the conversation prior to the day and setting up the shot first before dragging the couple away from their guests is critical

100th Collection

This was taken just as I was about to leave the wedding. Taking the opportunity to set up lights beforehand as not to keep the couple from their guests too long. A simple light on a stand behind the couple pointing up into the umbrella casting light down. Love when my couples trust me enough to take time away for shots like this.

97th Collection

Sam & James got married at the amazing Granary Barns Estate in Newmarket. This venue provides the perfect backdrop for so many awesome shots. The swing is perfectly placed to capture an uncluttered scene. Shooting low gives great perspective . A truly fantastic day from start to finish. Thank you Sam & James.

95th Collection

This was shot at Laura & Ant's wedding at the magnificent Childerley barns in Cambridge. We'd just finished some evening shots and the couple were saying their goodbyes to my assistant photographer and some friends when they broke into this spontaneous dance routine. Luckily I was ready to capture the high jinks. This summed up their day. So much fun with an emphasis on enjoyment. Awesome!

93rd Collection

Lee-Anne and Ryan married in an intimate ceremony at the magnificent Marylebone Town Hall in London. To get away from the busy main road after we had exhausted all the photo opportunities inside we moved to a small secluded mews not far from the town hall to create these images. The leading lines and positioning of the couple centre to the frame draws the viewers eye. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing day!

92nd Collection

Lee-Anne and Ryan married in an intimate ceremony at the magnificent Marylebone Town Hall in London and I was asked to go along to capture their day for them. To get away from the busy main road after we had exhausted all the photo opportunities inside we moved to a small secluded mews not far from the town hall to create these images. I edited this in B&W to give a timeless elegance to the image.

92nd Collection

Diana & Dan's amazing wedding at the suitably awesome Hengrave Hall in Suffolk. Who said rains dampens the spirits on a wedding day? Besides it said to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day! If my couples are up for it I'm there with my camera. I love it when my couples embrace whatever the day throws at them. Pictures like this make the day more memorable. Thank you guys.

91st Collection

The amazing wedding of Andrea & Flavio at the Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church in Cambridge. We captured this once the wedding congregation had left and were being lined up outside for the confetti shot. I wanted to keep the warm natural light of the church. The alter was lit by overhead lights and the church was filled with the natural light from the magnificent stained glass windows. The majestic crucifix and ornate paintings adding to the breathtaking view. The image has the feel of a masters fine art painting.

90th Collection

Shannon & Jeremy got married at the wonderful Southwood Farm in Norfolk. The swing is in the perfect position for when the sun starts to get lower and peeps though the trees. Shannon and Jeremy had been childhood sweethearts and finally tied the knot in the most perfect way that provided the right mix of everything. I think this may not be the first stolen kiss and it's not going to be the last. These two are made for each other thats clear.

89th Collection

Sam & James got married at the amazing Granary Estates in Newmarket Cambridgeshire on a glorious early summer day. I love the fact James is offering to carry the bouquet. A simple semi candid moment with a couple lost in their own space.

88th Collection

Amazing wedding of Tonya & Jamie at the equally amazing Bassmead Manor Barns - Cambridgeshire
The bridge is the perfect spot to capture this image and the venue have invested heavily to make sure the setting is just right.

87th Collection

Emma & Andy got married at the same Cambridge college where Emma's parents held their wedding reception over 40 years ago. Emma's grandmother had also worked at the college for many years so there were so many reason for Girton College to play host to Emma & Andy's special day. The memories came flooding back. There were tears, laughter and a lots of fun. I knew Emma's grandmother who sadly passed away over five years ago. A real character and the life and soul of any party so I was honoured and proud to be able to capture this day for such a wonderful couple. You were certainly looking down on us. In memory of Mrs Florrie Buck - A very special lady x

85th Collection