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James Merrick Photography

Hi! Iā€™m James! A creative, fun, good time documentary wedding photographer travelling to wherever the big day takes me! I live in the heart of Staffordshire with my wife and little boy and I LOVE to photograph amazing and cool weddings across the UK. I pride myself on telling visual stories of special days, creating fun, good time memories couples look back on forever.

Winning photos

One of the coldest days of the year for Lucy & Tom at Foxtail Barns in Staffordshire, UK. This light just screamed to be used and the frosty ground just gave it that extra touch.

106th Collection

It was the best of January days for Fran & Adam! Just look at this incredible light around 4pm during portraits at Mythe Barn.

106th Collection

The rain fell all day for Laura & Shane right at the end of December 2023. This shot was a must in front of Abbey House in the Lake District.

105th Collection

Not only was this an epic blizzard of confetti for Annie & Sam, but to stop and do a dip & kiss just sealed the shot!

103rd Collection

At the end of a baking day at Primrose Hill Farm in Oxfordshire, Harriet & Ed watch the sun go down with a kiss.

95th Collection

Finding the light on a winters night with Katie & Shaun in the courtyard at Mythe Barn in Leicestershire.

95th Collection

Foxtail Barns have the most incredible gardens especially at Autumn time with the most vibrant colours! This shot of Debbie & Darren on the bridge is always a must at this venue.

92nd Collection

When a venue has an old phone box like this it just has to be used! The bulb inside was broken so some quick improvisation and my own light (held my elastic bands) & we have a romantic shot framed by fairy lights.

92nd Collection