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James O Driscoll

My name is James O Driscoll, I am a creative, wedding photographer.
Photography has been a part of life for over 20 years.
My approach is always relaxed.
Every wedding is a story and a story needs to be told. Through the power of my documentary Style and creative style
I will tell the story of your special day.
Leaving no aspect of it unseen.
I am a wedding photographer based in west cork but I travel nationwide capturing beautiful moments

Winning photos

Tracy & Tomas in Bantry,, directly across from the martime hotel, late evening, One flash with magsphere,grid and ad200

95th Collection

Blackrock castle was the setting for this awesome wedding. Castle of course was too huge to fit it all in, so piecing off a section as the sun went down..

93rd Collection

Peaky Blinder wedding. Bride and Groom went all out to dress up the entire Bridal party like the famous tv series Peaky Blinders.
This image is shooting between the bride and groom down towards the Groomsmen.

91st Collection

Kelsey, Some weddings I do they have these absolutely stunning dresses, they remind me of the dresses you have seen the queens wear or the royal family wear when getting married. Had her brother throw her heavy veil up while i was in place to capture this on the first try. Flash in front with grid and sphere.

90th Collection

Sliversprings Cork, Graeme & Danielle, the evening was wearing on and everyone had sat down to eat, when i walked outside and turned back and looked at the venue, saw a beautiful sunset so ran and grabbed my bride and groom for like 3 minutes. They put forks down and followed me out and this was the outcome. One flash behind and one in front..

90th Collection

Standing outside the hotel in the evening i had already set up my light stand and went to call my couple. They made their way outside and stood underneath the hotel garden umbrella, when they asked me what I was waiting for, i replied a little more rain. Lol it wae misty rain and very light. I needed just a heavier downfall. And it happened. So glad they dropped the umbrella and embraced the madness.

89th Collection

Shonagh and James tied the knot at Sliversprings cork, From the moment i met this couple and their bridal party, i knew that we would have such fun creating images. I wanted to use Cork Habour for it's rustic look, and just happy my couple were happy to allow me run wild with my imagination

89th Collection

Shonagh and James tied the knot at Sliversprings cork, From the moment i met this couple and their bridal party, i knew that we would have such fun creating images.

89th Collection

Ed & Claire
We capture some images at the back of the hotel which is located closer to the water as the sun was setting. On our way back into the hotel i suggested we try one image outside to include the hotel into the sunset..

88th Collection

Suprise Enagement at the iconic Gap of dunloe in County Kerry.
Waiting on the wishing bridge with no cover I was moments before the couple arrived. Managed to talk to motorcyclists into stopping and just start chatting with me as i told them the story of what was going down. The couple arrived and once down on bended knee the camera came out from behind my jacket, and we went from there..

87th Collection

Kenmare Down in the Kingdom of Kerry.
We were walking back to the car when i noticed these kids jumping off the pier.

Told my couple to wait one second while i ran over to the kids and asked them how would they like to be in a wedding picture. They were well up for it. So i called my couple over and we timed this to perfection as they shared a kiss, the kids leap from the pier,,

87th Collection

Karen & Shane's wedding in dingle, an epic scenic location in the heart of dingle. We created many amazing images this day. But on arriving back to this pup where the reception was to take place. I noticed many people on the busy sidewalk. This was taken at around 4pm in the day. And the sun was still high in the sky. It was taken hand-held . I had 3 tries at this image and was thrilled with the outcome...

86th Collection

Lynsey, had this amazing veil for her wedding. It was too heavy to be able to throw up or create the swooping veil style image. So while the bridesmaid were fixing the veil into place for another image i had in mind, i quickly took this image and was delighted with the outcome when i loaded it into lightroom.

86th Collection

Emma had planned for her bridesmaid to walk in and she would turn around to surprise them with the wedding dress they had not seen before she turned around at that moment. Quick fire and 5 shots later somewhere in the burst of the shutter, was this reaction.. and i absolutely love it..

86th Collection

The world renowned Gap of Dunloe in Kerry.. Coming from a landscape background I have travelled this locations hundreds of time, Catching sunrises and sunsets, So when I knew we were close to this location after the church. I simply said we must go here.. Again another locations I have ton of epic images from..

85th Collection

Shane & Karen down at Cé Dhún Chaoin / Dunquin Pier, Shane Australian born married Irish born Karen,, We travlled all around dingle selecting areas to shoot at on this day... A ton more epic locations from this wedding...
Thanks wedissons....

85th Collection

Maddie as she arrives to the church down in the kingdom.. such a beautiful bride. The morning of the wedding looked bleaked, misty rain and dull skies. On reaching the church the clouds parted and allowed in some epic light..

.. thank you wedissons..

84th Collection