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De Geyter


🇧🇪 Belgium

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11 months

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anne de geyter fotografie

I'm Anne,
Thirty-something with a nostalgic soul, collector of images and narrator of memories.

Coffee with milk foam drinker, Tony Chocolony caramel sea salt lover and HBO series binge watcher.
I sing without any hesitation every nineties hit (unfortunately not flawless)

Enjoy the everyday ordinary things, long walks during fall and lazy Sundays.

It's a cliche. But I have the most beautiful job in the world. Hitting the pause button, shoot images for life and cherish memories. People describe me as spontaneous, engaging, patient, creative and outgoing.

Are you already thinking, yes that will match! Perfect, I look forward to seeing you in front of my lens soon!

Winning photos

In my opinion, throwing a bouquet is always a lot of fun and a perfect icebreaker for fun group shots!

96th Collection

Always go for gold on your wedding day.

96th Collection

Can we all have a little ' The Notebook' vibes in our weddings please!
When I saw this this boat, Levi & Aurelie as well had an immediately movie feeling.

94th Collection

Walking around in the old city town of Ghent is the perfect scenery for a couple shoot. I saw this house with yellow and green and asked them to pose in front of the house. As I was walking across the street they were kissing and holding each other like this. Perfect blending in.

93rd Collection

Kriszti and Steven choose Ghent as the perfect scenery for their wedding shoot.
The tree towers in the back are typical for Ghent. Most beautiful is the way they seem to stand still in the busy city life. The way she kissed him, perfect moment

92nd Collection

On the Normandy beach we took their beautiful golden hour photos. In fact it was so windy and quiet cold… but they did not care at all!

91st Collection