Toby Lidstone




🇬🇧 The United Kingdom

Minimum price/hours

175$ per hour


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16 awards left until the Grand Member

36th place in The United Kingdom

With us

10 months

Wedding photographer covering the south west of England

Winning photos

I just love creating scenes with big contrast in light. It rained all day for this wedding, but these two were stars and embraced the weather for some outdoor shots, I like the fact the road is wet and creating a reflection :)

105th Collection

One of my favourites from 2023, I got wet laying on the floor to get the reflection 😀

104th Collection

I am always looking natural frame's in nature, and loved this one in particular.

103rd Collection

I always see these "Love" letters at weddings, so I wanted to create a cool photo using them.

103rd Collection

2 grooms men pin down and force the groom to do a shot.

102nd Collection

I love this shot of Ryan & Amy having a kiss in her family's corn field.

102nd Collection

A moody shot of Christina and Aaron shortly after they climbed the steep bren-tor.

101st Collection

I had Christina and Aaron stood on a little hill, I posed them and then laid flat on my back to get the angle I wanted. I really like the fact there's a tiny moon in-between them.

101st Collection

Christina & Aaron were more than happy to climb to the top of Brentor Church on Dartmoor, UK.
The backdrop made an epic scene for this couples portrait.

100th Collection

The wind was causing havoc for thus beautiful bride and her maid of honor moments before entering the church.

100th Collection