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beautifull park in DenHaag, the netherlands. It was realy a dark spot, so i used my flashlight to create a sunny effect. the chemical between the bride and groom.. it was fantastic! you can feel the love!

97th Collection

The bride realy wanted to surprise her groom during the first look. He never expected this moment and he was realy enthousiast when he feels het hands on his face.

97th Collection

loveshoot in Barcalona, Spain. What a lovely couple, what a firework and Chemistry between them! I loved it so much to shoot with this lovely couple, all the way from Israel. The morning sun was perfect and the colours on the rochs as well. Loved it!

96th Collection

beautiful bride. She was waiting downstairs, ready to walk down the aisle. The reflection in the glass wall was fantastic! So happy with this shot, i used a flash light to lighten her up.

94th Collection

This was such an epic loveshoot in Spain! The couple is in a long distance relationship, she is from Israel, he is from The Netherlands. They wanted to shoot during Golden Hour, but we didn't have a nice sunset because of the mountain. So... Early in the morning, 6 o'clock, we stand on this beautiful private beach. And their love was incredible!

93rd Collection

Right after I entered this room, I knew: these lights! Loved it! It wil be picture perfect! so I set up some lights, used the blue gel from magnetmod, and voila! the reflection of the lights is made with my mobile phone., wich i used as mirror.

92nd Collection

This was such a beautiful moment during the ceremony. The two brides were listening to a heart warming, emotional speech from a beloved one, and the daughter was also in tears. i was waiting... waiting... waiting... And YES! 3 at the time, I had my lucky shot, where they al in sync drying their tears. a moment to never forget.

91st Collection

One word: Awesome!

The groom was an ex-motorcross winner on high level. But he had an accident and shattered his foot. So no more motorcross events for this guy, but he realy wanted pictures on his wedding day with his motorcycle. So we shoot a little, also with the bride.. During the shoot, his eyes began to twinkle, and could not resist to do this epic stunt in his wedding suit! It was so lovely to see, he was totaly in his element riding the motor.

90th Collection