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James Richard Photography

Hey, I’m James a wedding photographer based in Kent photographing across the UK. Thanks for dropping by! Let me tell you a little, bit about me- I live in Canterbury with my best friend/lovely wife Bethany. She is absolutely awesome but we couldn’t be more different! I, for example, grew up in Belgium and love to give my rusty French a workout every now and again. I love comic books and CrossFit in equal measure but my love of food could trump both. In my opinion, the spicier the better, something passed down to me by my Nigerian parents I think!

My style of photography is natural and honest and aims to tell the story of each wedding day faithfully. I'm a bit different to the stereotypical old school wedding photographer, for me, it's not about making you pose for hours on end and asking you to look at the camera and smile. I want you to have fun and enjoy your wedding day whilst I'm in the background capturing you and your friends and having the best day of your life!