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Rob Grimes Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Hi, I am Rob a Wedding Photographer based in Nottingham – England. I photograph people in love – all over the world.

When I don’t take photos (or edit them), I love to spend time with my partner Alisha (An International Photographer and Writer who won the Photography Award in Seattle in 2015 in Fine Art) who I am crazy about more than she knows (we shoot weddings together) and my little family in Frankfurt Germany, where one day I will eventually live in a small house in the country.

Why weddings? I first got in touch with wedding photography after leaving the British Army in 2012, since that day I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing photographers and just simply fell in love photographing people in love. Weddings to me are diverse, challenging and inspiring. I simply enjoy telling your personal story with timeless images, which will allow you to relive these moments forever. Wedding photography has become my my love affair.

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