Antonio Zanata




🇮🇹 Italy

Minimum price/hours

200$ per hour | 3 hours minimum



10 awards left until the Senior Member

7th place in Italy

With us

6 months

My professionalism comes, above all, from my immense enthusiasm for the world of photography, working in the sector and being able to develop through experiences that have allowed me to increase my skills during my initial years, in the fashion sector as well as through personal research.

My name is Antonio Zanata, born in Monza (near Milan) on 29/03/1966. Personal experiences during my early years led me to know and love photography, and in 1985, totally self-taught, I started taking my first shots from still life to portraits. Aware of the importance that photography was taking in my life I opened my photographic studio in 1990, initially concentrating on weddings.

This was the training ground that has allowed me to grow professionally and taught me how to create a rapport with clients, leading to further professional opportunities thanks to this word of mouth network. In the following years I have pursued my study of fashion photography, emphasizing the more realistic and sensual side of a woman as well as artistic nude studies of both men and women with a view to overcoming preconceptions that usually associate vulgarity with this kind of image. Stealing a person’s soul. This is what photography means to me.