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The Wedding Bunch.Ltd

Hey this is Prabhu Shankar. Photography to me is like the air I breathe. I am an artist, so every frame I create is influenced from an artistic perspective. I enjoy creating frames for my couples. I try to create a unique frame as every couple has a story to be told.

Winning photos

In country that's aesthetically beautiful, where every frame tells a story of it's own, I am glad I could capture it's richness in the reflection. Just like how the bride is lost in awe of the groom, I am truly lost in the beauty of this regal country.

98th Collection

Adding to the picturesque background with such vibrant colours, the elegant moose, the enchanting blue sky was all that was needed for this shot. When I saw the frame I just had to shoot the couple in this beautiful frame. Nature is a vision by itself.

98th Collection

The play of colours in this frame adds to the vibrancy of the shot. Our couple were dressed in beige and white enhancing the feel of this beautifully designed shot.

94th Collection

This frame screams rustic and warmth. The vintage beauty along with the stunning couple compliment each other to the T. The car was so alluring that I had to frame it in such a way that the focus was evenly distributed. Phew!!the view though .

94th Collection

Set at the foothills of this humongous mountain, the couple, the backwaters, the cliff framed an aesthetic scenery. The tricky part in this beautiful frame is the marsh land on which our lovely couple stood ,they were such a sport to have helped us get this epic shot. Without them this shot wouldn’t have been possible.

94th Collection

This photograph screams warmth and passion. The intimacy in the shot is portrayed through the lighting, the colours , the couple. Every bit of small detail adds to the magic seen in the frame

93rd Collection

The shot was framed to convey Love is in the air. Love is usually symbolised with flying in the air, feeling light and happy. I wanted to add a fun element to this shot and that's revealed with the couple chasing each other.

93rd Collection

It surely is a goofy capture. It was a light-hearted shoot and Groomsmen were fun to work it. The low angle that I opted was surely a good bet cause I was able to capture the depth ,the expression of the groom , everything put together it made the image look wholesome

92nd Collection