Prabhu Paramanandam




🇬🇧 The United Kingdom

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Chennai (India)




Grand Member

5 awards left until the Master of Photography

7th place in The United Kingdom

62nd place in India

With us

3 years

Studio Name

The Wedding Bunch.Ltd

Hey this is Prabhu Shankar. Photography to me is like the air I breathe. I am an artist, so every frame I create is influenced from an artistic perspective. I enjoy creating frames for my couples. I try to create a unique frame as every couple has a story to be told.

Winning photos

Set against this majestic waterfall cascading in style. The gusty wind, water drizzling, the frame was a stunner by itself. I knew the couple had to be part of this ethereal beauty.

102nd Collection

This frame is all about colours and elements of nature. Tumbling down the magnificent mountain, the lush green backdrop. The vivid and warm colours in the frame connect with the elements of nature. Making the shot spectacular are our gorgeous couple.

102nd Collection

The serenity of the backwaters, the mystic sky, the prehistoric caves, the gorgeous couple complimented my frame.

102nd Collection