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Like always i try to look for sweet compositions, like this one! Shot alongside a greenhouse in the country side of Friesland in the Netherlands.

109th Collection

This picture is taken in on of the few astonishing basilicas in the Netherlands. The medival interior is the perfect place for a few cool weddingshots!

109th Collection

This particular shot was taken at kasteel de Haar in Holland, the couple had a very fancy classic car which suited perfect for a romantic shot inside.

107th Collection

This picture was taken during a beautiful sunset in a cornfield in the southern parts of the Netherlands just before the wedding was over.

87th Collection

You maybe won't tell right away but this photo is shot in the Netherlands, soesterduinen to be precise, a very nice dessert like environment. This tree caught my attention right away with the nice backdrop!

86th Collection

I got this idea of the 2 mirrors at one of my favourite locations to shoot weddings. I actually took the shot from the right hand side and manipulated the photo in lightroom to make it look like i was in front of the couple.

82nd Collection

The curvy like trees are a unique sight at this wedding location at the weddingvenue Buitenplaats Amerongen.

71st Collection

This specific moment occurred right after the bride and the groom got married in a church, it was one of the few weddings right after COVID19 lockdown. Lover overcomes everything!

68th Collection

Releasing white doves at a fairytale-like castle especially for weddings! One of the most magnificent picture-perfect locations in the Netherlands!

66th Collection