Jan Van De Maat


Van De Maat


🇳🇱 Netherlands

Minimum price/hours

130$ per hour | 6 hours minimum



Selected photos in 2023

TOP3 photographer in 2023



With us

1 year

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Jan van de Maat Fotografie

Loves to capture classy and timeless weddings.

Winning photos

Taken in one of my favorite churches. Due to the stained glass windows there was not much light coming through inside the church so I had to bring my own light. I placed a flash behind the couple to separate them from the dark background.

96th Collection

The massive organ was my background for this image, so I was forced to take it vertically. I placed a ligth behind the couple to separate them from the dark background.

96th Collection

Girls underneath the bridal veil is always fun! They are only lit by the sun and I converted the image to black and white to get rid of the green color cast and also has more impact this way.

96th Collection

It was early in the morning and there was still some fog around hanging in the forest. A nice moody image was created quickly!

96th Collection

Some motion in a bridal image is always great to capture! The light was just daylight through the windows from the right.

96th Collection

My couple wanted a few images inside the church but there were some people inside which we would not want to disturb. So I had to whisper and point directions to the couple and I was so very happy with my electronic shutter which made no sound!

96th Collection

The church servant let me decide what lights to turn on and off so I had them partially lit which gave quite a nice atmosphere to the image!

96th Collection