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I. Leusink Wedding Photography

I love authenticity and a real connection in my photographs ♡

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Just a happy bride enjoying her wonderful wedding day 🤍

93rd Collection

Dutch weather! After an intimite ceremonie while bride and groom were blessed by beautiful sunlight, the weather changed within 5 minutes and rain came pouring down. But it didn't matter to this couple!

91st Collection

Only for love would you leave your family and move across the ocean. A strong love that will last ❤
A wedding where Peruvians and Dutchies laughed and drank together. So special!

88th Collection

So much love not only between this couple, but also the family. Supplemented by beautiful locations, a relaxed setting, live music. An extraordinary day!

85th Collection

Gemaal De Cruquius is worlds largest steam engine! Because this wedding took place in October, the bride and groom had arranged this wonderful location. Using a very old staircase I could take this picture form an interesting angle.

80th Collection

This dress is extremely beautiful when hanging down. The train is long and covered in the most beautiful lace. But the moment the bride picked the dress en train up a little bit to walk down this castle garden path I saw this picture in my head. It turned out exactly the way I hoped it would.

72nd Collection

Simone & Berry in a (quite cold!) Dutch forest.. Their styling was phenomenal but their love and connection gave this photo the appearance it needs to stand out.

72nd Collection

This image was made close to the beach during a storm. The bride's hair was ruined in the 10 minutes we shot pictures outside. This couple was not going to let anything define their day and it was a beautiful wedding!

71st Collection