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🇲🇹 Malta

Minimum price/hours

250$ per hour | 2 hours minimum

With us

2 years

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FBalzan photography

Born in 1985, in the picturesque village of Tarxien in the island of Malta, I pursued my studies and graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2007. Although engineering and art may seem to be unrelated, I grew fond of design and this sharpened my appreciation to geometry and symmetry - which I now find so useful in photography.

My photographic journey started (and continues) with a passion for street photography during which I document people in their daily mundane activities. I feel that my vision has been influenced by my Christian upbringing and values, as in my photography I seek to display the invisible and spiritual realm with the physical and optical dimensions.

This love of documenting people, their personality and connections has through the years lead me to photograph couples from all over the world including couples from China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Latvia, India, and the USA.

Winning photos

Special moment from the indian wedding of Jaymini and Jeet!

104th Collection

Venturing through the beauty of nature in this destination wedding couple here in Malta.

101st Collection

Amazing cutting of the cake with fireworks from behind!

98th Collection

The image was taken from the top of the Valletta down into the recently restored Valletta ditch. I communicated with the couple via Whatsapp! The play on shadows and the lines created the perfect symmetry.

97th Collection

This image was taken in the hustle and bustle before the bride left for her wedding ceremony. The lovely bride is in her best appearance. The use of a small prism was made to add that extra touch of reflection.

94th Collection

The wedding image is set against the backdrop of an old wooden green door in the heart of Valletta, Malta's capital city. The couple stands in front of the door, their bodies touching and in contact as they glance at each other. A blur of motion in the foreground reveals a woman tourist passing by, adding a touch of local flavor and authenticity to the image.

93rd Collection

The proposal image is set against the stunning backdrop of Dingli Cliffs, which tower high above the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The couple stands at the edge of the cliffs, framed against the breathtaking views of the ocean and the distant horizon.

93rd Collection

The photograph features a couple who were married on the island of Gozo, during a beautiful sunset. The setting and lighting create a romantic and striking image, with the couple's silhouettes standing out against the glowing sunset in the background. The photograph may have been taken just after the wedding ceremony, adding to the sentimental value of the image.

92nd Collection