Ellis Roeterdink-mos




🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Amsterdam (Netherlands)



4 awards left until the Senior Member

78th place in Netherlands

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5 months

Studio Name

Dame met de lens

Mijn naam is Ellis, maar de meeste kennen mij als de ‘Dame met de lens’. Jullie trouwdag vastleggen die jullie je later willen herinneren, hoe mooi is dat? Mijn doel is om jullie te fotograferen zoals jullie zijn. Dan doe ik op een ontspannen, ongedwongen, natuurlijke manier met een tikkeltje enthousiasme. Ik vind het heerlijk om nieuwe mensen te ontmoeten, om jullie verhaal te horen en dat specifieke en bijzondere verhaal van jullie vast te leggen voor altijd.

Hope to see you soon!


Winning photos

This photo is special to me because it's my dear friend Jane, the bride in this picture. Het sister helped me out with the veil which turned out so beautifull.

110th Collection

The wedding of Maartje & Maurits in Utrecht.

108th Collection

Capturing this moment felt like catching magic. The perfect blend of light, this stunning bride, the enchanting location, and... that dress! I could have stayed there shooting forever.

107th Collection

I danced my way behind the DJ booth to capture the magic of the bride and groom's first dance . The groom swept the bride off her feet, twirling her in his arms and at that moment I was at the perfect spot, at the perfect moment. #FirstDance

107th Collection

How cool is this photo? As a surprise, I brought 2 smoke bombs to this beautiful winter wedding. Originally, I planned to capture stunning daytime shots with the smoke, but the schedule got a bit tight, there wasn't enough time, and I wanted to ensure a perfect shot. Fast forward to the lively party, and I thought: LET'S GO! I asked the bride's sister and her boyfriend if they'd model for me to set up my flash settings. This way, we only needed to call the bride and groom, got them posed for a quick 5 minutes, and then they could go back to their wedding party. And there you have it! Thrilled with this awesome shot! #WinterWedding

106th Collection

This photo is taken right in the heart of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. I asked the bride and groom if I could go with them for a ride in their Excalibur for some cool shots, and they agreed. The only thing... There was NO passenger seat next to the driver's seat. So, there I was, sitting on the floor in the car, with a pregnant belly at that time... .. You do whatever it takes for the perfect shot... and it did earn me this awesome award! #BehindTheScenes #WorthItAll

106th Collection