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When it was time to make some photos of the bride with her friends, the rain had just stopped, so we ran out and made some nice pictures!

109th Collection

In the beautiful "Metaal Kathedraal" near Utrecht, we had the photoshoot in the morning of their wedding day.
It is an amazing location to be, and when the bridal couple is so lovely, the picture is not difficult to make!

109th Collection

When a couple has their first look at the beach, and also their bridal shoot, they make me a very happy photographer!

Still wishing for a full wedding on the beach!

108th Collection

During the photoshoot this couple loved to make a little trip in a rowing boat.

The morning sun made it a fairytale!

108th Collection

At the end of their wedding-day, we did a short golden hour shoot. Then the couple ran to the venue where dinner was being served.

107th Collection

Bride and groom, just a few minutes after their first look in the September morning sun.

106th Collection

In the beautiful old church of Dordrecht this couple spoke out their wedding vows. It was a mixture of laughter, tears, kisses and hugs. The beautiful light gave it a touch of a fairytale.

104th Collection

Just before dinner we went out for a few photos. There was a strong wind, and rain was coming. Perfect conditions for a romantic photo.

104th Collection

An autumn wedding: low, soft sunlight and this gorgeous couple.
Love it!

103rd Collection

Shooting through a sort of tunnel with water underneath it gives this great view towards the bride and groom.

103rd Collection

This lovely couple made their vows in the middle of a forest. The words that were spoken were so meaningful and emotional, that the bride started to cry. The groom reached in his pockets for a more than meaningful wipe with inscription, and comforted her.

102nd Collection

It is a great habit for groomsmen to lift the groom up. While the groom was falling back into their arms, the glasses of one of them were hit by the groom's hand so they didn't stay properly on where they belong!

99th Collection