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You don’t have to choose between a client experience or a beautiful gallery—you can have both! I believe in providing a fully-customised client experience that serves each client's unique needs while delivering jaw-dropping galleries.

Whether you’re saying “I do” in a lush garden, a misty countryside estate, or the church you’ve been going to since you were a child, your wedding will be beautiful because it’s yours. I won’t imitate other photographers to achieve a specific “look” for your wedding gallery. Instead, I deliver one-of-a-kind galleries every time, so your wedding day will be far more true-to-you than anything you could have found on Pinterest.

Winning photos

We had run out of time during reception drinks to get all of the photos of the couple and I knew I wanted to capture some sunset images for them, so with their permission I pulled them away from their wedding breakfast between main and desert to capture this and several other photos in a speedy 5 minutes before heading back in to finish their meal.

103rd Collection

I knew I wanted to create this image as soon as I saw the archway. I roped in one of the bridesmaids who was also handily my sister to be in charge of moving the light behind the couple so we could get the shot a little faster. I added an orange magmod gel to the flash to create a beautiful autumnal silhouette.

103rd Collection

Moments like this are my all-time favourite, the natural, unscripted little nuggets that only happen when you are really looking and observing everyone around you.

92nd Collection

I wanted to create something a little different for this couple and noticed they had some beautiful glass jars on their tables filled with candles. I used those as an interesting foreground element and placed the couple in the corner of the room lit with beautiful natural light coming in from all sides.

90th Collection

This photo was taken with only minutes to spare. The sky was so cloudy but we had a minute or two where the sun just popped between the clouds as it was setting. One of my favourite weddings of the year so I am so happy to have an award for one of their images.

89th Collection