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This was captured using my new 50mm 1.2, whilst capturing this couples portrait session, I noticed some wonderful flowers with beautiful colours in the venues gardens which I knew would work as great foreground bokeh. I asked the couple to get close and intimate with one another and this wonderful moment was captured!

88th Collection

For this photo I wanted to capture not only the Bride tossing her bouquet but also the ladies awaiting to catch it! Usually I would look to capture this from in front of the Bride however this angle gave it such a unique perspective!

88th Collection

I noticed this archway earlier in the day and knew it would be great to capture a silhouette of the couple within it. However, just opposite was the venues unique fountain which offered a fantastic opportunity to incorporate some foreground bokeh. I placed a flash with a full CTO gel behind the couple, followed by a flash camera left pointing at the fountain with a blue gel to light the water droplets. Then i shot using my 105mm 1.4 through the water to capture this shot!

88th Collection

A fabulous couple and an amazing venue deserved a really creative photo! With beautiful skies as a background over this castle wedding, I lit the couple using a softbox camera right, along with one backlight to make the couple pop against the castle backdrop!

87th Collection

I noticed this incredible tree opposite the venue when I arrived and knew I had to incorporate it somehow later in the day for a creative twilight photo! I asked the couple to stand close to one another in front of the tree, I then fired a flash using a full CTO gel towards the tree to silhouette the couple, whilst also reducing the white balance to enhance the blue hour of the sky!

84th Collection

This Groom and his groomsman were such great fun all day, I had wanted to capture a photo like this for some time so when I suggested it to the guys they were more than keen to get into action. Lying down on the ground underneath the groom, I used a wide angle lens, the groomsman launched the groom into the air, several shots captured and I prayed that they wouldn't then drop him onto me when he came back down!

84th Collection

Whilst capturing portraits on the beach with this couple, I noticed a jetty that would serve as a great spot for the couple to pose, together with the sea and rocks it turned into a wonderful scene for this romantic photo!

81st Collection

We had originally planned for this couples pre wedding shoot in a rapeseed field but missed out by a couple of days due to the field being harvested. So instead, we found this field of buttercups for this drone shot. We incorporated the guitar as the couple are in a band and really helped represent them!

79th Collection