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55th place in The United Kingdom

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PurpleFlash Photography

Hey!! Im Abby and I love to photograph your magical day. There Is something so special about capturing your love in photographs. Capturing a moments that you can look back on years and years to come.

It's not a job to me, I thoroughly enjoy your company and making new friends <3

Winning photos

Natural emotion as they walk back down the aisle, this was a perfect moment.

111th Collection

It was rainy throughout this couple's wedding but they did not shy away and we got some amazing photos.

110th Collection

Love using the veils for pretty shots like these!

109th Collection

I love framing my images and this special moment was framed perfectly

107th Collection

As we were walking back to the reception at the Brinsop Court Manor, I called the bride and captured this image. I love candid photographs, so this was a perfect image to finish their gallery.

106th Collection