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Doushanarts Studio

Doushan Sewtohul is recognized as one of the most versatile artist in Mauritius, living arts for the past 20 years, excelling in almost all fields of Arts. Dedicated and passionate about everything related to Arts, he rapidly won hearts of people through his creative, original approach towards each project he handled. He is working as educator, Art & Design, He was Director of TV shows at Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, Founder and director of a production house, Kalpana Production Ltd. Doushan Sewtohul is considered as one of the best wedding photographer & cinematography production in Mauritius. He now owns Visual Experts Ltd, a high end production house and also his own Schol of photography
Doushan Arts School where he shares his knowledge with people of Mauritius.

Winning photos

The rituals of Hindu weddings in Mauritius are so colourful and enchanting. This picture was taken during the mehendi night when the background was not so inspiring though. However, being creative I was able to capture this sweet image of the beautiful bride.

It was an amazing feeling when she saw the results.

106th Collection

The beauty of Mauritius is the SEA which surrounds the island. Yuvna & Aimar were very supportive as far as the concept was concerned. The magic of photography is when the client does not know what the photographer is trying to do but still they trust because they know something great is will come out of the camera.

Here is the result of their efforts.

106th Collection

The amazing lux resort of Grand Baie Mauritius.

Indeed Mauritius has world-class hotels. The location always inspires me to compose better. As far as possible I try to highlight the beautiful facets of the location in the most creative way.

105th Collection

The magnificent SSR Botanical Garden of Mauritius...
The amazingly beautiful and loving couple...
The perfect Lighting...
The perfect composition ...
The perfect angle...

The perfect award winning picture.

90th Collection

My 30th Wedisson Award.
It's a proud moment for me and my country Mauritius.
I am the only one to have reached this milestone.

Thank you, my clients and the team who have always been by my side
Thank you Wedisson for enabling us Photographers to challenge ourselves at all levels

86th Collection

The amazing Sky of Mauritius and beautiful silhouette of trees gave this simple pose an amazing dimension. That is the beauty of Mauritius.
Captured with EOS R and 16-35F4

84th Collection

The Wedding Dress of any bride is unique. All brides love to showcase the beauty of their dresses. So did Melaniee. The enormous tree and interlocking roots were also very important for this composition. The groom, David, creates the perfect balance with his presence.

5d Mark IV

83rd Collection

It has always been a dream of doing something creative in the beautiful Cathedrale Church in Mauritius. I used a blue gel in the background to immortalize the presence of the almighty at that place.
The rest was just magic

83rd Collection

The Incredible Kovil Montagne...

This sacred place is one of the most beautiful temples in Mauritius which is located on the top of a mountain. It was quite difficult to go there with all equipment like AD600 strobe and all. But the willingness of the couple to get something different and out of the world motivated us to go beyond our limit.

The hard work paid.

79th Collection

When you have client who is adamant on having at least one Wedisson Award picture, you strive to give your best and excel .

A very difficult shoot, playing with colours and creating the mood. The corridor was completely dark and even scary.

But thanks to couple for playing the game perfectly

77th Collection

To love is bliss and to be loved is a blessing.

Sharon and Kinsley... A beautiful couple who were so enthusiastic to get the best pictures. It's the 3rd Wedisson Award with them. Undoubtedly, we, the photographers, can only give the best shots, when we have couples who are patiently willing to participate and cooperate with our creative ideas.

72nd Collection