Claudia Cala'

Milano (Italy)

I am a photographer because photography is what I am, it is my passion. I love what I do and I do believe that when passion guides you there is no rational explanation, do you agree?
Through photography, I can express my creativity and I can build a contact with People.
What I love most about photography is that it takes me into your life.
For a moment, we share a path together, no matter how long this will be. It will be true, intense, incredibly emotional and inspiring.

How is this possible - you may wonder? This is only possible thanks to a connection of our souls, our values, our desires, our objectives.
I try to establish a real communication with my clients and to build a relation that will allow you to be your real self during the photo shooting.
Some people are shy in front of the camera (I cannot blame this attitude!), so it is key for me to help you to find your comfort zone. There is no machine there: it is just you and me, your photographer.

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