Yun Li



New York City, New York

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300$ for 6 hours of work


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17 awards left until the Grand Member

4th place in The United States

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5 years

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Yun Li Photography

Yun Li is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Long Island, New York. Her style is natural, candid, documentary which focuses on the emotion and connection between people and their loved ones. She and her team members are easy-going and good at listening to the couple's needs. She would love to have an opportunity to sit down and talk about your wedding day even before you book her. Interested in hiring her? Click on her page to read more!

Winning photos

When there are so many people in Central Park that I just cannot avoid, I simply incorporate them in the picture to create something different.

76th Collection

I love both sunset and silhouette, so when I saw this scene, I immediately thought of taking this picture. I had this couple (who are super nice) run a few times back and forth for me to get the best shot. Here it is! Thank you Wedisson for the award. I feel so honored.

73rd Collection

Who doesn't like golden hour? The sunset view in Dumbo Brooklyn is so gorgeous! We got so lucky to take pictures with a background like this!

67th Collection

There's nothing better than the landscape of New York City! When we got to this location, I pulled out my 16-35mm to get a wide-angle shot. This picture was actually not easy to get because there were a lot of people there. It was very hard to avoid including people in the frame. I'm so glad that I got this!

55th Collection

This picture was shot at The Top of The Rock Observation Deck of Rockefeller Center. There was a huge crowd on the observation deck. At one point I had no clue how I should take pictures for them. After a few regular pictures, I had my couple stand as close as they could to the corner. I instructed my assistant to hold the speed light and hide in the crowd. Then I quickly went to the next floor above them and shot from above in order to get a wide angle picture including the New York City as a nice background . The crowd around them were very nice and congratulated them by clapping their hands, which I thought is a great bonus to the picture!

44th Collection

As soon as I stepped into this bridal suite, I knew I would take a picture like this. I turned off all the lights in the room and had my bride stand in front of the window. The bridesmaids and the family didn't know what I was doing. They kept asking why I turned off the lights and kept the room so dark. But when they saw the back of my camera, they all agreed with my decision on this one!

44th Collection

It was a fun moment at the wedding, and it happened very very fast. I am so glad that my lighting and camera settings were ready so that I was able to capture it!

43rd Collection

I knew that there would be a lot of people on the Brooklyn Bridge, so I brought a tripod and envisioned this image in my mind. When we got to the bridge, it was getting dark. I was able to use a shutter speed slow enough to get the intended motion blur of the crowd. Everything worked just perfectly for this image.

41st Collection