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Photography by Joe Bickerton

Hi, I'm Joe - a passionate wedding photographer based in North Shropshire, UK.

I love being part of the Wedisson awards family as it pushes my creativity and desire to continually improve my art, although the key for me is balancing the importance of capturing incredible images whilst enabling weddings to flow naturally - often providing some of the most memorable moments. During my time as a wedding photographer, one of the key things I've learnt is to embrace our UK weather (!!), plus the unexpected occurrences on the day and provide reassurance and calmness for my couples which helps them have the best day possible.

Winning photos

Taken during a sunset pre-wedding shoot in October 2023, this silhouette shows Lois & Tom having fun and being alone on a rocky beach outcrop. I love the colours in this shot and the drama in the sky which is only punctuated by this lovely couple dancing.

104th Collection

Taken at the Old Palace in Chester (UK), this shot was taken during bridal prep when some beautiful window light filtered in on the brides daughter wearing her Mum's wedding shoes. One day she'll be the bride...

104th Collection

Paige & Steve's wedding at Tyn Dwr Hall in North Wales was magical. I loved this particular setting in the woodland with the last of the days sunlight filtering through the trees and lighting the dress & veil.

101st Collection

Taken at Sandhole Oak Barn in Cheshire, UK - this couple really wanted to make the most of the sunset, so using a single OCF gridded, I was able to retain the colours in the sky whilst silhouetting the huge trees to compose the image.

97th Collection