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Photography by Joe Bickerton

Hi, I'm Joe - a passionate wedding photographer based in North Shropshire, UK.

I love being part of the Wedisson awards family as it pushes my creativity and desire to continually improve my art, although the key for me is balancing the importance of capturing incredible images whilst enabling weddings to flow naturally - often providing some of the most memorable moments. During my time as a wedding photographer, one of the key things I've learnt is to embrace our UK weather (!!), plus the unexpected occurrences on the day and provide reassurance and calmness for my couples which helps them have the best day possible.

Winning photos

This couple celebrated their English / Indian fusion wedding at Delamere Manor in Cheshire with colourful smoke flares as golden hour started in June 2022. Rather than shoot tightly, I used a wider 28mm lens to capture the sky and gardens at the Manor which added the the drama of the image!

87th Collection

This couple shot was taken at the West Tower in Lancashire. It was one of those summer evenings in June 2022 where the sun emerged from the clouds and hit the horizon well after the first dance - and gave us about 7-8 minutes before it disappeared! Using a simple OCF at 1/2 power to light the couple, shooting at F16, 200s.

87th Collection

Laura & Craig’s pre wedding shoot at golden hour. As the sun set over Liverpool bay, I caught this intimate moment on an 85mm at around f5.6 to catch the flare.

85th Collection

This shot at the Grosvenor Pulford in Chester, UK was taken at sunset, although as the sun had just disappeared, I used a Magmod OCF with a 1/4CTO gel to create the sun flare to the left of the couple. I also keep the camera low to the water to create the reflection.

84th Collection

I love using smoke flares and this shot, taken at Tyn Dwr Hall in Wales, UK was full of colour and love. I like the way my couple are in a moment, whilst all around them is vibrancy, happiness and fun!

84th Collection

Amy & Tom's pre-wedding shoot. This beach on the Wirral, England has incredible sunsets. Amy & Tom are lit by an OCF flash - probably on 1/128 power with a mag-grid, allowing me to lower the exposure of the overall image to try and preserve some of the sun's highlights.

83rd Collection

Shane & Tanya enjoying a sunset walk at their wedding venue in Powys, Wales. I spotted this opportunity at the foot of the hill and particularly like the peak of their wedding tipi just to the left of the couple too.

82nd Collection

A simple OCF behind this couple at Colshaw Hall in Cheshire, England really enabled me to shoot at a low exposure revealing the intimacy of the candlelight and symmetry of the beautiful wedding barn lighting.

82nd Collection