Dylan Clifford




🇮🇪 Ireland

With us

9 months

From the moment I picked up a camera 15 years I started to develop a powerful passion for photography with the goal of freezing moments in time. My purpose is to always capture the truest and most candid moments in life.

During a full wedding day, my goal is always to capture the little details that make a wedding special. In the morning, capturing the joyful nuances of the bride as she and her bridesmaids get ready for the day ahead. During the ceremony, capturing the loving moment of that first kiss. In the afternoon, photograph you together in spectacular surroundings. And finally, in the evening, capturing those first tender moments during a first dance.

Balancing a fly on the wall on approach, but never cutting corners with my wedding photography. I aim to capture every moment of your wedding from start to last, keeping a light tone, without feeling like you are under pressure.

I am a Kerry-based Wedding Photography, I primarily work in the Killarney area and surroundings but regularly shoot weddings throughout the county and in Munster.

Winning photos

Windswept Sarah and Michael at Coumeenoole Beach in the far West of Ireland.

102nd Collection

Jenny and Dean as newly weds walking the fields of Tuscany.

102nd Collection

Karen and John take in the scenery at Gougane Barra in Ireland.

102nd Collection

The wonderful Katie and Chris, celebrating their wedding at the Great Southern Holiday in Killarney, Ireland.

101st Collection

Ivan and Aoife making a furry friend in The Killarney National Park, Ireland.

101st Collection

Jenny and Dean within the historical walls of Abbazia San Galgano, Italy.

101st Collection

Having 13 groomsmen at your Wedding definitely has its advantages. Taken at Churchtown House, Co.Kerry, Ireland.

100th Collection

It's not every day a Bride feeds her bouquet to a cow. Taken on the hills near St.Finians bay, Co.Kerry, Ireland.

100th Collection

Claire and Patrick on the pier at the Killarney Golf and Fishing Club overlooking the towering Tomies Mountain.

99th Collection

Taken outside the classic pub, Ma Murphy's in Bantry, Ireland. Playing host to a wonderful Canadian couples elopment. Shot on a Nikon Z6.

98th Collection