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Authentic moments, relaxed portraits with plenty of laughs. Working with you to capture you, your family and friends on the best day of your lives. Based in Newquay, Cornwall but
capturing your story wherever you want me to.

Winning photos

It’s a steep walk back to Lauren and Henry’s wedding venue from the stunning cove below, so I left them to have a moment but managed to grab this just as I headed off.

103rd Collection

Lauren and Henry, stealing a moment together as we watched a rain storm rolling in across the sea.

103rd Collection

Lauren and Henry surrounded by the burnt orange heather on the cliffs, heading back to theire reception at Chypraze Wedding Barn.

103rd Collection

Dreamy autumnal light on the cliffs above a deserted cove on the west coast of Cornwall.

102nd Collection

Taking a few moments to absorb the sunset after an amazing wedding day!

102nd Collection

The good thing about rain on your wedding day, is that it often means rainbows!

101st Collection

Clare and Mark had their first look on the cliff tops on the Cornish North Coast, where they had gotten engaged! It had rained about 2 minutes before and so we had these amazing clouds!

101st Collection

After a very rainy day, I knew I needed o get something special for Katie and Steve. So embracing the rain, we popped outside and grabbed this shot!

100th Collection

All the way from Nashville, TN, I wanted to show off Cornwall and so took Ashley and Jonathan to a very quiet and wild corner of the county and we were treated to an amazing sunset sky!

100th Collection

Beautiful evening light on the rugged west coast of Cornwall!

100th Collection

Emily and Mike framed by these amazing trees overlooking the sea, just having a quiet moment together at the end of their wedding day.

99th Collection

Sneaking off for a quick moment together before the evening entertainment got underway, we managed to find some lovely springtime evening light at Sophie and Tom's fantastic wedding at Launcells Barton in Cornwall.

97th Collection

I met Elecia and Josh for their engagement shoot ahead of their autumn wedding at St Agnes in Cornwall. So we went for a nice sunset walk and luckily for me they were both fine with heights and a bit of exposed clifftop scrambling!

96th Collection

Hannah and Mike got married at the wonderful Cornish Wedding venue Nancarrow. The weather had been pretty poor with heavy rain in the morning, but we were treated to some great springtime sunshine in the afternoon. This working farm's greenhouse gave an extra bit of dreamy soft light for their couple shoot!

96th Collection

A beautiful autumnal sunset on the wild Bodmin moor for Flynn and Abbi's engagement shoot!

93rd Collection

Eliza and Will shortly before their Wedding Breakfast at the beautiful and historic Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Both looked amazing!

92nd Collection

Richard giving his new wife JoJo a twirl in the favourite park just a short drive from their wedding venue. Moments after this shot was taken, the heavens opened but we had everything we needed.

92nd Collection

Despite a very gloomy forecast, Clare and Mark were still keen to take a chance on the weather. We were rewarded with beautiful winter light!

92nd Collection

Andy and Maisie owning the dance floor in the intimate and rustic Chypraze Wedding Barn. It is a very old barn on a small farm on the Wild West Coast of Cornwall, UK. Re-purposed as a wedding venue several years ago, it makes for a great atmosphere of couples to let loose once the formalities are finished with!

91st Collection

Andy and Maisie chose the Wild West coast of Cornwall for their autumnal wedding day at Chypraze Wedding Barn. There is a beautiful sea cove about. 15 minute downhill walk from the venue, not for the fainthearted especially in a wedding dress! But we (and about 30 guests) embraced the cliffside descent and it was definitely worth it. I love the light and autumnal colours next to the sea!

91st Collection