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Michael Nussbaumer Photography

It's the special moments that you only experience at weddings that have sparked Michael's passion for wedding photography, which he captures in authentic photos. Michael has a sense of genuine emotion and his images show not just how it is, but how it feels. He loves to tell your personal story, preferably from getting ready to the party, thus creating an authentic wedding reportage, which he then puts on paper in custom photo books for eternity. He describes his photography like his coffee, without milk & without sugar as pure as possible, warm colors and natural toning, close to the people, yet still and smooth. He prefers to integrate his couples in a natural way in a beautiful setting no matter if in urban space or in nature. He usually finds inspiration for his pictures on his travels or rambles through nature. For unusual places or weddings, Michael always has an open ear, because he loves adventure and for your wedding, no way is too far.

Winning photos

We went outside to have a bit of last light as it was mainly a cloudy day, we were blessed to get a bit of the sun before it went down.

106th Collection

This venue had a swing that was lowered after the ceremony. After all the guests had gone to the tables, we took advantage of this quiet moment with the swing from which you could see the lake or just kiss.

106th Collection

This lovely couple had a lot of fun with the swing that was lowered after the ceremony.

106th Collection

On a very rainy day we could hardly could find slot for a portrait session, but suddenly before sunset the rain stopped and we got a cloudy and very atmospheric setup right on the terrace of the hotel.

105th Collection

First look on a cable car station in Austria. As it was a busy day with lots of hikers, we found our spot on the roof terrace with a fantastic view.

105th Collection

Near the wedding location we found this beautiful little lake with a jetty, we took the drone and took this shot.

105th Collection

The couple opted for a portrait session in the pouring rain. That was the right decision. In the end we were pretty wet, but we took some great pictures.

105th Collection

Sarah and Armando love the mountains. Just around the corner from where they live, on a beautiful cloudy day, we found this epic spot. After the first look, we took a few photos on this rock where cyclists crossed the path and congratulated the couple as they shred down the path.

99th Collection

Spring couple session under blossoming apple trees that made me see the couple from the top of a tree.

97th Collection

Wedding in the western Austrian Alps. Roaming around with my couple.

96th Collection

This shot was taken just before sunrise on the wild northern tip of Mallorca.

96th Collection

Agnes and Felix at a breathtaking viewpoint in the western Austrian Alps. It took us 45 minutes to hike to our destination and we were rewarded with a breathtaking sunset and a beautiful view.

95th Collection