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Shannon Sasaki

Honolulu (United States)

*I am a full time professional 3rd wheeler on Oahu. Yes, I am a wedding photographer and I absolutely love it. I even love the stress that comes with it. Overall it's such a happy day and love is such a beautiful thing to capture. The thing I love most about this job is the connections I make with different people. I have made some really great friends through photography and I look forward to making many more. I love that with photography you will never stop learning. I hated school but when it comes to photography and my business, I want to know it all. I'm just madly in love with what I do and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Extra Shit:

*Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!

*I wish I were a teenager in the 80's!!!

*Wine + Tequila Lover.

*If I could, I would travel and never stop.

* Playing Guitar and Tropical Skittles is my cure for everything! :)

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