Jörg Windau

New York City (United States)

Jörg Windau was born and raised in Germany. When he first came to New York City in 1996 he fell in love with his future wife Jennifer and finally moved there in 1998, Shortly after Jörg started to pursue his career as a wedding and portrait photographer.
Weddings are something very personal and Jörg is excited and feels honored to be part of your special day, never missing a single moment. He really loves what he does, and he feels that he owes you nothing less than his very best.
He is passionate, energetic, tireless, creative, and always ready to go the extra mile. Jörg's clients and their guests frequently describe him as "the most energetic photographer they have ever seen". He will connect with you easily and will make you feel comfortable in front of a camera.
He has been a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and multiple other international organizations for many years.
Jörg is the proud father of two wonderful children: Lucas and Maia.

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