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Renata Dapsyte Photography

A documentary-style wedding photographer, Renata is the perfect photographer if you don't like to pose for pictures. She seeks to capture the true essence of a wedding, from the heartfelt moments during the ceremony to the subtle flashes of emotion that unfold throughout the day.

Renata's candid style and eye for detail, paired with more than ten years of experience in the wedding photography business, helps to create beautiful photographs. These are the moments you will want to remember and these are the memories she will capture for you!

Winning photos

Two brides enjoying each other during 20 mins photoshoot after their wows. Gorgeous evening light was a bonus to this atmosphere. Taken at the Station House hotel in Kilmessan, co Meath, Ireland.
My candid and relaxed style helps me to create these beautiful photographs.

106th Collection

Elopement wedding with beautiful scenic views of Carlingford town in Ireland.
Couple traveled from USA to say their vows in Ireland. We had beautiful hand fasting ceremony in old ruins followed the photoshoot in town and on the hills.

105th Collection

As adults, the spirit of Halloween can be hard to find. Bride has always loved Halloween and groom has always been an adventurer. A few years ago they decided they would bring back some of the magic in the holiday by traveling to places that have unique Halloween traditions every year. Last year they got engaged on one of their adventures and decided to get married in Ireland, where Halloween began... In some pumpkin masks to add a little spirit. Taken at the scenic Carlingford in Ireland by wedding photographer Renata Dapsyte.

104th Collection