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Winning photos

I just looooove this one! It´s kind of exemplary and representative for why I shoot weddings in the first place. Of course - because of the yummy food! But most of all because for moments like this!
Weddings are happenings where generations meet and supercute and also magic moments like this happen, when the great granddaughter feeds the grandfather with the tasty cake!
This one for sure will take it´s place in my "hall of fame" of "signature shots", which describe my work "on the point" without many words just in one picture...

93rd Collection

I just LOVE this shot! it looks quite "easy done", but it was definetely not! And it might look like it was not staged at all, but it was!
The difficulty was to "direct" the two horses to look to the left and right, to keep them "on place", so they are positioned clearly released in front of the sky and to let the couple kiss without falling down from the horses ;)
I remember laying on the grass right in front of the horses to catch the best moment with my 20mm Sigma Art, while hearing the guests whisper: "Oh boy, this guy has some guts! Would be too dangerous for me!"
But to be honest, I never have thoughts like this when shooting pictures like this one. You just have to trust the couple (and the horses) and of course you have to trust yourself that you have reflexes fast enough just in case... ;)

80th Collection

I had the idea for this shot in my mind for quite a time and I knew exactly what I had to do - but only after 6 long months at a very cool wedding the possibility to realize this shot showed up!
I grabbed the chance and asked the couple, if they´d be in for some awesome funky crazy overdosed epic night shot and of course they were!
It would take too long to describe the making of in all details here, so I keep it short: This picture was totally made in camera and no effects or anything else was added in postproduction. And it took only 2 attempts to achive this shot!
All you need are some flashes, a lot of confetti, a "light saber", a slightly drunken bridal couple and an enthusiastic guest who likes to play with fire! And of course: a lot of fun!!

80th Collection