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Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Austria)



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Eloping in the Dolomites is a one-of-a-kind experience. This means - amazing landscapes, stunning sunsets mixed with a bit of adventure!

100th Collection

When getting married at Lake Woerth in Austria (Carinthia), a boat ride needs to be part of the experience. The warmest and biggest, turquioise alpine lake is an amazing place - definitely worth to be visited!

100th Collection

The castle of Velden, located at the picturesque shores of Lake Woerth in Carinthia (Austria) is a fairytale place for a marriage. Historical ambiance mixed with modern architecture offer so many stunning places for unforgettable wedding pictures!

100th Collection

Amazing sunrise during the mountain elopement of Rabea & Alex. The sun only glimpsed for about 5min through the clouds and rewarded our early wakening with this stunning light!

97th Collection

During an elopement in Italy there is definitely one thing not to be missed ... PIZZA! Create your day the way you love it and if that means having a bite of Pizza inbetween - than go for it!

97th Collection

"La più bella cosa è ... AMORE" Getting eloped in the city of love - VENICE. I think there are no more words needed ...

96th Collection

It was a wonderful elopement on the peak of an 2143m high mountain in Austria. The wedding ceremony took place during sunset and after a typical austrian dinner we spent the night in the mountain hut. The next day we had amazing fun going down the mountain with wodden sleds.

96th Collection