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Hey Everyone my name is Max. I'm based in one of the wonderful wine country sides of Germany, the Rheingau! With the amount of castles and wedding locations it`s just a dream. Besides the Rheingau my second home is Kufstein Austria. This gives me the opportunity to combine the two things I love! Wine and the Mountains.

It´s almost 10 years now, that I started shooting weddings and after all this years I'll put as much of my heart and soul in my work.

Winning photos

Sometimes a cloudy day for the wedding can be pretty good. It was an open field with a Circus Tend and for the Location and the couple was worried that it can be to hot. It turned into a cloudy day and for an Photographer this can also be a good setting when you don't have much shadows to hide for the sun.

92nd Collection

Letting the Dress Fly is always Fun. The Maid of honor was supporting me with this shot and with the serial images. When I noticed the funny move of the Maid of honor I showed them the pictures and they all wanted a GIF out of it. The next morning I sendet them the GIF and this one definitive made their day.

88th Collection

We where shooting a couple of photos at this bench when suddenly the sun came through the trees and it gave this one a even better look.

88th Collection

Keeping the schedule on a wedding day can be tricky sometimes when there is so many different impressions and emotions around the couple. Originally, it was planned to take some photos at sunset but there was so much happening that we just managed to get around five minutes of the last light bevor it got dark. After all the atmosphere was just perfect and everything went absolutely amazing.

78th Collection