Matthew Calleja




🇲🇹 Malta

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Mosta (Malta)



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3 years

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Matthew Calleja Photography

Winning photos

After a whole week of constant rain, we were lucky enough to have a great sunset during the pre-wedding, which is usually the case in Malta. The rain from previous days played in our favour creating the reflection which makes this image really pop out!

81st Collection

Wanted to show off the landscape as much as I could during golden hour, as the grass literally lit up with the golden light which matched her dress perfectly!

73rd Collection

I love this photo because it really tells a story. First of all, it is in a location that the couple specifically picked because it's one of their favourite places to go for a walk. It also captures a really nice moment. This was captured towards the end of the shoot, and I just told them to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view of the sun setting.

72nd Collection