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🇲🇹 Malta

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Mosta (Malta)



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2 years

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Matthew Calleja Photography

Winning photos

Wanted to show off the landscape as much as I could during golden hour, as the grass literally lit up with the golden light which matched her dress perfectly!

73rd Collection

I love this photo because it really tells a story. First of all, it is in a location that the couple specifically picked because it's one of their favourite places to go for a walk. It also captures a really nice moment. This was captured towards the end of the shoot, and I just told them to sit down, relax, and enjoy the view of the sun setting.

72nd Collection

This was captured just a few minutes before sunset. We were expecting a great sunset but eventually, the wind blew all the clouds away. Decided to create something different by incorporating a reflection :)

69th Collection

Love this photo! I always try to create something special just after the sun goes down. After several tries, we managed to capture the perfect silhouette moment!

68th Collection