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100$ per hour | 4 hours minimum



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16th place in Ireland

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2 years

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Masters of Photography/Film

A warm welcome! I am so happy that you are reviewing my portfolio. I'm the woman (she/her) behind the camera in Masters of Photography/Film. Our business is a family run business comprising of myself, my partner and our sons. We specialise in the Art of Wedding Photography. Our style is relaxed and discreet, documenting emotions throughout the day without posing what happens in front of the camera. Our aim is always to capture our couples love and happiness in an authentic way. We see our selves story tellers, using beautiful images that are tiny pieces of time captured on digital film.
We don't like to intrude, take over or impede on our couples Big Day.
Photography isn't just my job;
It is my passion and huge part of my life.

Winning photos

This romantic moment was captured just before the bride and groom entered to their dining room. They set at the bar having a quite romantic moment to themselves.

92nd Collection

This photo was taken on the grounds of what was an ancient abbey. I used 2 OFC flashes to capture this moment.
Abbey Hotel, Ireland.

89th Collection

This photo was taken in the majestic Charleville Castle in Tullamore. One of Irelands few Gothic styled castles. It is a stunningly beautiful place.
A fantastic place for wedding photography.

88th Collection

“Come on Baby light my Fire” this photo was taken at a venue called Ballybeg House which is nestled in the trees deep in Co. Wicklow’s mountains, in Ireland.

82nd Collection

Photo taken of a wedding couple at Pre wedding photo session. Location is Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. The couple tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2021.

81st Collection

Lake side Lovers...
Hand in hand and check to check they make a plan life to keep. They love each other and one other, a little toddler from each other. So love looks down from natures's crown and wishes them a life profound.

Lough Ennell, Ireland. Engagement photo shoot. Sony A9, 14mm

77th Collection

This was a wedding we shot in a magical Irish venue in Co. Tipperary, in Ireland. Truly like a place straight from a fairytale. On this August day the warm summer breeze gently lifted our beautiful bride's vale and like it was held by fairies it floated behind our couple as they walked hand in hand on the jetty.

73rd Collection