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Mario Vaitkus Wedding Films & Photos

Wedding Photographer and Filmmaker in Ireland

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Sunset and mountains in Donegal, Ireland

103rd Collection

Baylor and Evan Wedding at Ashley Park House Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

102nd Collection

Laura and Donatas
Crazy couple, loads of fun. All natural and candid shots , just a fun on the beach in Co. Wexford, Ireland.

101st Collection

A romantic day in the heart of Belfast city. Lithuanian girl getting married to Irish guy at Belfast City Hall.

101st Collection

We bumped into a movie set of the famous Tv series ''Vikings'' at the Blessington Lakes, Co. Wicklow. And I just asked a movie crew member, can I get one or two shots with my couple and your actors. And to make it a little bit more fun, I asked for a bit of action, and here is the result.

101st Collection

Baylor & Evan at Ashley Park, Ireland. I asked the bride and groom if they are crazy enough to laydown for an outstanding shot. They said: "Go on Mario what do we have to do?" And here is the result!

100th Collection

Bride and groom in a boat at Gouganne Barra lake, Co.Cork, Ireland

100th Collection

Asian wedding in Ireland.

99th Collection

Pakistani Bride, getting married in Trim, Co. Meath

99th Collection