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Hi, i am Lars

My photographic roots are in beauty and fashion photography. But my heart has always been in storytelling wedding photography.

I love those special moments and the feelings between bride and groom. I do not just shoot a wedding - I try to capture creative and meaningful wedding photos that bring bridal couples back to their emotions of their wedding day, even years later. I do not just photographically determine what it looks like, but what it feels like.

Cologne in Germany is my home base, but I'm traveling all over the world. I would like to be with you and be your wedding photographer wherever you choose to celebrate your celebration!

Winning photos

In the vineyards of southern Germany in the evening sun, this beautiful photo was taken with a drone.

95th Collection

Ayleen and Max were civilly married in Germany. The church wedding took place in Flims, Switzerland. We were able to take this picture just in time, before the sun disappeared behind a fantastich mountain formation.

94th Collection

Occasionally we see these pictures where the groom is thrown into the air by the groomsmen and friends. How this happens to the bride, however, we rarely see. Lara from Canada had had so much fun doing it - albeit a lot of respect.

93rd Collection

There is a rumor in the world that the Germans drink a lot of beer...
Absolutely right :-)
A beer is a must at every party in Germany. If you reduce the offer to just 1 beer, you get photos like this :-)

92nd Collection

Actually, this house in the background is nothing special. It has no historical value or is particularly beautiful. But that's exactly what makes it so interesting for a shoot. We took some wonderful pictures there - including this one.

92nd Collection

I'm honest; I was a bit scared if the groom had been given a few glasses of beer when he was about to be thrown up. But it went well again. Everything stays inside.

91st Collection

Of course, no everyday couple needs an unusual picture.

Everything was really different with this bridal couple. Whether it's the groom entering with his close friends to the song "Blues Brothers", the bridal shoes, the decoration or the ideas for the photos. It's so much fun.

91st Collection

It doesn't always have to be a bridal car. The modern bridal couple also likes to take the way to the registry office into their own hands.

89th Collection

Bride and groom both work in the basketball business. She, responsible for personnel selection, got his application on the table and..... refused. However, when her boss advocated a job interview, the later groom convinced - not only in the job, but also the bride. Stories that life writes - what could be more obvious than a shoot on the basketball court.

89th Collection

In Cologne, Germany, the Hohenzollern Bridge crosses the Rhine. Thousands of love locks hang from the railing. This bridal couple has also immortalized themselves there with a castle. I was able to capture the quiet moment afterwards.

88th Collection

Up Up in the Sky. And respect for the groom, smiling while taking off off into the clouds.
The friends had no mercy on the bridegroom and made him look frighteningly high. Sometimes I also got scared because the "safety net" was very sketchy. But we all survived and ist was definitely a lot of fun.

88th Collection

When different cultures meet, there are also different customs and traditions. Like here with the Danes: When the guests start to trample their feet, the bride and groom first have to climb on chairs and kiss and then crawl under the table and kiss again. Of course, a wonderful photo motif.

87th Collection

Basically, getting ready is one of the most beautiful moments during a wedding. The transformation into a beautiful bride, with a professional make-up and a great hairstyle and of course the wonderful wedding dress, is unique. The moment when the dress is closed in the last step and thus the transformation is visually completed is always magical. I really enjoy and love this special moment.

86th Collection

In the high mountains of Koh Samui, Thailand, stands the so-called Overlap Stone. A bridge leads to this stone and takes a good portion of courage to go to this platform as a bride with the appropriate dress. Around the stone it goes frighteningly steep downhill. Special locations often result in special pictures.

86th Collection

Another photo taken in Thailand during a wedding. This time on the island of Koh Samui. Meanwhile, I accompany quite a lot of weddings of European couples abroad, which is not much more expensive than when I accompany a wedding in Europe. My passion for special places is often reward enough.

85th Collection

Again and again I am allowed to shoot wedding couples around the world. This year I was able to accompany two couples in Thailand - one in Chiang Rai, where this photo was taken. Without wanting to advertise; the bridal couple shooting took place in a wonderful park. If you like to drink Thai beer, you will know very quickly where this photo was taken.

85th Collection

Whether it rains and storms - what can spoil your wedding day? At least nothing for this couple. The dress was ruined, the suit wet.... and I was glad my camera was in a plastic bag :-)

85th Collection

One of my favorite photos; apart from the fact that the couple treated each other wonderfully, the location - an old factory - was just fantastic. I love the dilapidated nature of such an abandoned factory in contrast to the emergence of a new common path.

84th Collection

At least for me as a wedding photographer, there is hardly anything more beautiful than the contrast between a graceful bride and a rugged location.

83rd Collection