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This was one of my favorite Adventure Elopements in Iceland. I was in Iceland filming and photographing some promotional work for my friend, Tyler and a few days prior he had some elopements that I second shot for him. This was shot near Black Sand Beach and as you can see if you angle yourself right, you get this awesome view of the natural stone arch.

98th Collection

This was my first time in the Faroe Islands. Alahna and Victor came from London for this adventure elopement. There are two ways to get to this location, one is by hiking a long, long way, and the other way is by chartering a boat. We went with the latter. On the first day and first attempt, the water was too rough for the boat to dock at the drop-off safely, so we were forced to turn around. On day two, the attempt was a success, but then we had one heck of a hike to get to this vantage point, and the sun was setting quickly, so we had to move. All in all, I think it was a success. Special thanks to my friend Tyler; his knowledge and planning made this possible.

98th Collection