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For the after-wedding shoot, I was in a castle ruin with the bridal couple. I always think it's nice when unusual locations can be found for the shoots.

90th Collection

It doesn't always have to be the standard group shots at weddings. It can also be funny and crazy at times. So also with this picture. The groomsmen pull the bride and groom away from each other.

90th Collection

The bridal couple at the sunset shoot. I always find it fascinating to capture the couples in the golden light. This always gives the picture something soulful and soft.

90th Collection

The bridal couple on their way to their wedding in the red Austin Healey. They happily reach the registry office and I was able to capture this unplanned snapshot.

88th Collection

This wonderful moment was created during a sunset shoot with the bridal couple. It is always an honor to be able to accompany people on their most beautiful day.

87th Collection

Made! - Finally married! Happy and relieved, they have a drink from another perspective.
I love those moments where I can see how happy they are.

87th Collection

On the wedding day there was a red 1966 Ford Mustang convertible as a gift for a few hours, which of course was used for the photo shoot. It was very cloudy that day which gives this photo the perfect dramatic look.

86th Collection

Dieses Foto entstand mitten beim Fotoshooting des Brautpaares. Ich habe eine kurze Pause beim Shooting genutzt, um diesen Schnappschuss zu erstellen.

Das sind meist die Besten Momente, die man als Fotograf einfangen kann.

85th Collection