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My name is Hendrik Moedden, I'm a documentary wedding photographer, based in Oldenburg, Germany.

My photography style is candid. While you can have a great time with your friends and family, I will capture all the essential moments and everything in between.

My goal is not to be just another vendor. I'll tell the story of your wedding day through the eyes of a guest. You will get images, which bring you back right to that special moment.

Let me tell the beautiful story of YOUR wedding.

Winning photos

The groom wanted a "special" group shot of him with his boys and since the whole wedding took part at a local beachclub, I thought it would be a nice idea to do something in the dark outside.
I put one flash behind them and used my 24mm lens to get a wide shot of all of them. The rest is history...

95th Collection

This one is by far my favorite picture of 2022! During the whole ceremony I noticed that the officiant seems to be a really cool guy. Just after the couples kiss, he mentioned to the audience, that he wants to something that "he does at almost every wedding". He grabs out his phone and was taking a classic selfie of himself with the kissing couple in the backround. Luckily I was standing at the right position to get this amazing moment.

92nd Collection

This picture is pure storytelling to me and I'm always thrilled when something like this happens on a wedding day. The bride hides with one of her bridesmades behind a huge dumpster while the whole wedding party is entering the church. She's quite nervous and nobody saw her standing there. Such a special moment!

92nd Collection

The bride's getting ready was located at her parents house. It was a dark but very atmospheric location, and there was just a little bit of window light shining through the windows of the hallway and the office, where I was standing.
I wanted to capture the dress hanging on that amazing library-style bookshelf, when suddenly the daughter of the bride was walking right through that corridor of light. The situation lasted only one second (or less) and I'm very thrilled, that I was able to capture this amazing picture.

90th Collection

Sometimes everything just seems to fit perfectly. The beautiful landscape, that amazing sun and a wonderful couple. I t was a hot day at this after wedding shoot in Wental, Germany but my couple did a great job. We started at late afternoon and this was one of the earlier pictures of that day.

86th Collection

I always wanted to do a close up portrait with a wider lense. Usually I often use my 75mm or 85mm lens for the couple portraits but there is this special and very intimate look, when you're using a wider lens.

So I started as usual with my session, and I recognized, that there was a lot of love in the air. In that particular moment, I grabbed my second camera (with my 35mm on it), went two steps closer to them and took the shot.

When they opened their eyes they were a little bit suprised to see me that close, but I think it was totally worth it.

85th Collection

This is the best example what you can do with "bad weather". It was slightly raining that evening and everybody was dancing inside when I asked Angelina & Alex if they want to come outside for a quick photoshoot. I explained them what I had in mind and they immidiately said yes. I tested my lighting setup with a guest (so that bride and groom did not have to stand in the rain that long) and then it took my only 30 seconds and two testframes to get the shot.

Thanks to the lovely couple - it was truly worth it.

85th Collection