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Ben Monavari Photography & Videography

Offering a candid and artistic approach to wedding photography and videography, Ben captures the essence of each couple's unique story in Brisbane and beyond. With over eight years of experience, Ben's journey from model photography to documenting weddings has equipped him with a keen eye for capturing authentic moments. His dedication to providing a tailored experience ensures that every wedding is documented in a way that truly reflects the couple's personality and style. From aerial drone photography to personalised posing guides and fast delivery of high-resolution images, Ben's comprehensive packages are designed to meet every need. Recognised as one of the top photographers in Australia, Ben's work is a testament to his passion for creating lasting memories through his lens.

Winning photos

"In the Forest's Embrace"

Amidst a serene forest, Jade and Max shared a tender moment. Max lifted Jade, their lips meeting in a kiss against a backdrop of swaying trees. In this enchanted embrace, they began their eternal love story, captured forever in the beauty of nature.

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