Ryan Loos




🇦🇺 Australia

Studio Name

Artistryan Photography

“Hi, I am Ryan, a passionate wedding photographer in Adelaide, South Australia. Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Back before the digital age, when I was a young kid, I’d save my allowance to buy throw-away cameras and then head out to shoot everything I deemed worthy of a click. My shooting style is a mix of fine art wedding photography and photojournalistic. I want to capture natural moments while you enjoy your big day. When it comes to shooting weddings, I’m big on the details aspect of it all. For example, I love to capture the way a bride’s veil catches the light when the wind makes it billow, the sly look a mischievous ring bearer throws my way, or the funky cuff-links on a groom’s tux. I do it all, but I live for those emotional close-ups and otherwise less noticeable details someone else may miss”.