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We are a wedding photographer and videographer couple from Styria, Austria.

Nestled among the picturesque hills and vineyards of Styria, we, a passionate couple of wedding photographer and videographer, have found our calling. Our journey began with a shared vision: to capture the unforgettable moments and pure emotion of saying "I do."

To us, each wedding is a unique masterpiece, shaped by the individual stories and dreams of the couples we have the privilege to accompany. With dedication and an eye for detail, we immerse ourselves in the magic of your big day, preserving every glance, every smile, and every tear of joy in timeless images and films.

We invite you to join us on this wonderful journey, where we create memories together that will stand the test of time. Your love, your story, through our lens – in Styria and beyond.

Winning photos

"The Magic of Love"

The photo captures the newlywed couple, just married, kissing as they walk through a lane of guests. The groom proudly holds the marriage certificate, enveloped by soap bubbles blown by the cheering guests. The backdrop is the charming Winzerhaus Sierling in Stainz, Austria. It's a moment of pure romance and joy, capturing the beauty of love in all its splendor.

108th Collection

Viewed from above, the scene unfolds in a fascinating play of light and shadow. The metallic walls cast a cool, mysterious glow.

At the heart stands the bridal couple in the light, a beacon of warmth and love in the darkness. Their closed eyes speak of a moment of intimacy as they stand side by side on the staircase, surrounded by the silence and magic of this special moment.

The wedding took place in Austria at the "Weingut Holler".

107th Collection

Amidst the stunning wedding venue of Weinschloss Thaller in Austria - Styria, this wedding photo immortalizes an unforgettable moment. The bride and groom, enveloped in radiant love, tenderly hold hands as they gaze eagerly into their shared future.

107th Collection

Under the radiant sky of Stallhofen in Styria, Austria, surrounded by the enchanting scenery of the new wedding venue, Obsthof Kleber, this joyful couple shares a moment of pure happiness.

106th Collection

This photo was created on a dreamy autumn day at the Weingut Thaller a great wedding location in Styria a state of Austria.
Thanks to the bridal couple Barbara and Stefan for this great day.

22nd Collection

This photo was taken in Styria a federal state in Austria.
Next to the church were cows on a pasture, as the bridal couple is very natural, this was just the right place for us to create a few beautiful bridal photos.

22nd Collection

This photo was taken in Stiwoll a place in Austria.
The bridal couple told me of your favorite place where a beautiful tree is located and whether we can not make a photo,
of course we drove during your wedding to this place, when we arrived we were thrilled.
Thank you to our bridal couple Claudia and Patrick without whom we probably would not have found this great place.

20th Collection

The Heart Cloud - This photo was taken in Voitsberg a city in Austria, the hearts in the clouds are real, a big thank to Verena and Chritoph for helping us to capture this wonderful moment.

19th Collection