Mendel Benhamou



Brooklyn, New York

🇺🇸 The United States

Studio Name

Benams Photo

A little bit more ... I am asked all the time how I got into photography and I'm not going to lie; I don't have a spell binding story, such as I was holding a camera since age five and this is all I ever dreamed of doing. I always thought I'd be an interior designer but I was babysitting two adorable little children and summer time came and I had to find an activity with which to entertain them, so I decided why not have a little photo shoot? So borrowed my friends Canon Powershot ... (and you can already guess the end of that) and now here I am photographing events and weddings. I also do seasonal family and children portrait sessions. The excitement never dies down. for every shoot I book, I count down the days until I meet the next amazing family.