Andy Bowlin



San Luis Obispo, California

🇺🇸 The United States




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14 awards left until the Grand Member

7th place in The United States

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2 years

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Burlap & Oak Photography

Winning photos

This was the last photo of the day. I set two lights up real fast trying not to fall into squirrel holes in the dark. We then drove a golf cart back to venue to grab the bride and groom.

81st Collection

The sunset was a bit fogged over this day, but it added to the mood for this one. I like adding reflections with a pocket mirror when I can.

80th Collection

It’s all smoke and mirrors for this one. As soon as I saw this tree tunnel I knew what I wanted to do when it got dark. I grabbed my couple for sunset pics and after that was over I walked them over to this tree tunnel area.

80th Collection

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