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Just Love Weddings....and getting to meet Awesome people along the way..

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When I get asked to do a wedding in London I always take the couple for a little pre shoot. For this shot I wanted to incoperate the London Underground...managed to get a shot of the lads having a little moment whilst the train pasting in the background.

96th Collection

Same Pier different shot!!!, spotted this little shadowed corner of the pier and said this would make a lovely image by using a off camera flash, worked out lovely..

96th Collection

Again on the Dingle Peninsula, this was taken on the evening of a huge Storm!!! we managed to get in a few shots before all hell broke loose...what an amazing eveing

96th Collection

Another one of my favorite locations around the lakes of Killarney, Co. Kerry...The weather has a dramatic impact on this location as its very open....but when the conditions are good magic happens!

96th Collection

One of my faves!!! captured this image in the pouring rain. The bridal party were making a quick dash to the church...the were umbrellas flying all over the place!!! this is a side to my wedding photography that I don't usually show, but the moment was too good not to share.

96th Collection

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, what can I say about this.....only its epic!!!!!! The couple flew in to Ireland specifically to have their engagement shoot at the Cliffs, it was an an amazing day

96th Collection