Wedding photographers in Spain

  • 67 images selected 67 Julian Garcia Barcelona (Spain) I love wedding photography Julian Garcia Fotógrafo
    Wedding photographer Julian Garcia (Julian4372). Photo of 25 March
  • 22 images selected 22 Dami Sáez Gavà (Spain) Also serving: Oslo (Norway) "La gente olvidará lo que dijiste, pero nunca olvidará cómo los hiciste sentir" Dami Sáez Foto
    Wedding photographer Dami Sáez (foto). Photo of 24 October
  • 21 images selected 21 David Delgado Barcelona (Spain) Also serving: London (United Kingdom) "No son solo fotos, son pedacitos de historias" David Delgado Photography
    Wedding photographer David Delgado (Delgado). Photo of 11 November
  • 11 images selected 11 Alvaro De la Corte Madrid (Spain) Also serving: Rome (Italy) Fotógrafo de bodas internacional Soy Alvaro de la Corte, tengo 31 años, realizado reportajes por todo el mundo y tengo la gran suerte de haner podido realizar reportajes en: Londres, París, Roma, Praga, Venecia, New York, Riviera Maya, además de toda España. Alvaro de la Corte Fotografo
    Wedding photographer Alvaro  De la Corte (Foto7es). Photo of 23 December
  • 7 images selected 7 Thierry Delsart Barcelona (Spain) Mirall de Llum would not exist without my wife Eulàlia, whatever my long-lasting experience behind the camera in other specialities, she is the reason why I apply it this way in wedding photography. At our beginnings I did put a camera in her hands because of her natural talent and she became instantly a great wedding photographer. We complement each other in a perfect way in a consistent and homogeneous photographic style in which she brings the intuition and robbed moments while my roots are light and composition. Mirall de Llum
    Wedding photographer Thierry Delsart (thierry). Photo of 22 October
  • 3 images selected 3 David Azurmendi Ibiza (Spain) I’m a wedding photographer who likes to be carried away by the magic of your big day, I don’t like stopping the bride and groom and forcing them to pose. I believe in the authenticity of the moments that happen without anyone forcing them, I believe in what the heart says. I simply want to do for you what I would like in your place, a wedding photography with all those magical moments that happens in such a way spontaneous and that we can not miss. David Azurmendi
    from 150$ for 6 hours of work
    Wedding photographer David Azurmendi (david-azurmendi219). Photo of 01 August
  • 2 images selected 2 Peter Denness Cambridge (United Kingdom) Also serving: Ibiza (Spain)
    Wedding photographer Peter Denness (PeterDenness). Photo of 30 August