Dave Wall

Brisbane (Australia)

I'm a Brisbane based editorial and commercial photographer who also shoots exceptional weddings around the world for couples who share my passion for creating memorable artistic imagery. As a global traveller seeking unique experiences, I am always willing for forego my fees to capture something totally unique or somewhere new if you help me get there!
I believe it is an honour and a privilege to be the storyteller of your day The memories I capture will allow you to relive the happiest of days whenever you like, and to share the emotions and feelings with your children’s children.
Everybody's wedding fairytale is different - you have met your life partner, chosen your dream gown, the perfect venues, the theme and style of the day, and you are ready to share your love with your closest family and friends. You want memories that are unique and beautiful. I am creative person - I want that for you too. To construct the perfect shot I might wade through a stream to get a better angle, or climb a tree because I've seen the perfect light. Or I might ask you to have fun on a playground swing or perhaps stroll a dark funky lane way that just oozes character. I want to capture emotive imagery that will be treasured for your lifetime and beyond.
Most importantly though, your wedding day is about you, as a couple. My success is in telling the genuine story of you. I will capture the real emotion, the real feelings and the real events, not some death-by-photoshop version that just isn't you. Of course I will always enhance photos to maximise their beauty, and show you variations of others, but I am a real, genuine professional photographer who will record your day to perfection, in camera, on the day!

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